Library and Information Technology

Vice President for Library & Information Technology, Param Bedi, M.S., M.B.A.
Executive Assistant & Library Building Liaison, Tracy Hower, A.A.S.

Information Security

Chief Information Security Officer, Christopher Bernard, M.B.A.

Enterprise Technologies

Executive Director of Enterprise Technologies, Kevin C. Willey, M.S.
Assistant Director Development, Daniel Mancusi, B.S.
Programmer Analyst, Leonardo Botinelly 
Programmer Analyst, Vincent Evans, B.S.
Assistant Director Operations, Charles R. Gerst, M.S.
Database Administrator, Kyle Herb, B.S.
Support Coordinator, Kirsten Walter, B.S.
Programmer Analyst, Eric Lipski, B.S.
Programmer Analyst, Arpita Dev, M.S.
Programmer Analyst, Galen Dunkleberger, B.A.
Programmer Analyst, Christopher Kern, B.S.
Business Intelligence Analyst-Cognos Report Developer, Douglas A. LeBlanc, B.S.
Business Intelligence Analyst-Functional Architect, Kenneth Flerlage, B.S.
Business Intelligence Analyst, Michael Latorre, B.S.
Director of Technology Architecture & Operations, to be named
Associate Director Technology Infrastructure & User Services, Jennifer M. Harper, A.B.
Systems Integrator, Michael E. Dahlberg, B.S.
Systems Integrator, Lorraine R. Eisenhuth, B.S.
Systems Integrator, Wade Hutchison, M.S.
Systems Integrator, Dianne D. Guffey
Systems Integrator - Linux, Ian Wat, B.S.
Assistant Director Network & Telephony, Stephanie Farnsworth, B.S.C.S.
Network Administrator, Guston Bird, M.B.A
Network Administrator, Jon Marriott
Network Administrator, Brandon Seymore, B.S.
Technical Operations Analyst, Harold Kerlin
Telecommunications Specialist & Desk Manager, Peggy Straub

Project & Initiative Management and Budgets

Director, Project & Initiative Management, Mary Lisa Veloz, B.A.
Project Manager, to be named
IT Budget & Procurement Manager, Kelly E. Stover
IT Procurement & Asset Analyst, Toni Baylets-Holsinger

Special Collections/University Archives

Head of Special Collections & University Archivist, Isabella O’Neill, M.S.
Assistant University Archivist & Records Management Coordinator, Eir Danielson
Digital Preservation Specialist & Archivist, William Vinh-Doyle, Ph.D.

Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship

Director of Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship, Matthew K. Gardzina, M.A.
Assistant Director Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship, to be named
Digital Pedagogy Specialist, Debra Cook-Balducci, B.F.A.
Digital Pedagogy Specialist for Video, Wes Bernstein, M.S.
Digital Pedagogy Specialist for GIS, Janine Glathar, M.E.S.
Digital Pedagogy Specialist, Leslie D. Harris, Ph.D.
Digital Scholarship Coordinator, Diane Jakacki, Ph.D.
GIS/Web Application Developer, Luyang Ren, M.S.
Digital Pedagogy Specialist, Todd Suomela, Ph.D.
Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship Specialist, Brandon Karcher, M.S.

Discovery & Access Services

Head of Discovery & Access Services, Daniel Heuer, M.A.
Access Services Manager, Cami L. Fink, B.S.
Cataloging & Metadata Coordinator, Tammy L. Troup, M.A., M.L.I.S.

Research Services & Information Literacy

Director Research Services & Information Literacy, to be named
Instructional Services Librarian, Nancy Frazier, M.L.S.
Blended Learning Librarian, Jill Hallam-Miller, M.L.S., M.E.T.
Evening Library Services Specialist, Benjamin A. Hoover, M.S.
Librarian for the Arts & Humanities, Courtney Paddick, M.S., M.A.
Social Sciences Librarian, Carrie Pirmann, M.L.S., M.L.I.S.
Librarian & Outreach Manager, Jason Snyder, M.A., M.L.S.
Librarian for the Sciences & Engineering, James Van Fleet, M.L.S.
Data Services Librarian, to be named

Technology Services

Director of Technology Services, Stephen O'Hara, M.B.A.
Director Events Technology Services, George A. Lincoln III, M.A.
Senior Event Technology Support Specialist, Jeffrey R. Campbell, B.S.
Event Technology Support Specialist, Jesse Greenawalt
Assistant Director Classroom Technology Support, Cynthia A. Ray, B.A.
Senior Classroom Technology Support Specialist, Michael R. Pursley, B.A.
Classroom Technology Support Specialist, Todd Downs, B.A.
Assistant Director Technology Support, Mary Ann Burkland, M.A.
Senior Technology Support Specialist, to be named
Technology Support Specialist, George M. Casper, B.S.
Technology Support Specialist, Russel C. Eisenhuth
Senior Technology Support Specialist, Todd E. Fogle
Senior Technology Support Specialist, Robert Guissanie Jr., B.S
Technology Support Specialist, Alison Morse, M.I.S.
Manager Technology Desk, Donald “Bud” R. Hiller, M.Ed.
Technology Support Specialist, Jamie E. Piperberg, B.S.C.S.
Technology Support Specialist, Scott Ritter
Manager Technology Training Programs, Melissa E. Rycroft, M.A.
Technology Support Specialist, Robert Zorn, M.S.
Manager, Equipment Desk, Schelly Homan, M.S.Ed.