Development and Alumni Relations

Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations, Scott G. Rosevear, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations, Kathleen Graham, J.D.
Director Advancement Marketing, Research & Analytics, Jamie A. Jordan, B.S.
Assistant Director of Development, Rhonda K. Miller, M.S.
Senior Development Advisor, J. Mark Elliott, B.A.
Senior Advisor, Development & Alumni Relations, Patrick J. Flannery, M.S.
Assistant Director of Business Operations, Nancy Hoyt
Development Administrative Support Manager, Rebecca M. Meng

Advancement & Information Services
Interim Director, Advancement Services, Gregory Amarante, B.A.
Associate Director, Bryan Koch, B.S.
Assistant Director, Gretchen Croteau, B.S.
Assistant Director, Crystal J. Klase
Assistant Director, Records and Gift Processing, Michele Sloyer
Assistant Director, Donor & Volunteer Relations, Brianne Croteau, B.A.
Assistant Director, Donor & Volunteer Relations, Linda K. Reinaker, B.S.
Assistant Director, Donor & Volunteer Relations, Janet Yordy, A.S.
Donor & Volunteer Relations Manager, Amber Fetterolf, B.A.
Report Writer/Analyst, Harry Frank, B.S.

Alumni Relations

Executive Director, Alumni Relations, Joshua L. Grill, M.A.
Senior Associate Director, Off-Campus Engagement, Kristin Stetler, B.A.
Senior Associate Director, On-Campus Engagement, Chris Watters, M.B.A.
Associate Director for Alumni Admissions Programs, Patricia Flannery, M.Ed.
Associate Director, Diversity and Operations, Kimberly A. Thompson, B.A.
Assistant Director, Off-Campus Programs, Todd Leister, B.S.
Assistant Director, Off-Campus Programs, Megan L. Shingara, B.A.
Assistant Director, On-Campus Engagement, Kaitlin C. Wagner, B.A.
Assistant Director, Major Campus Engagements, Heather Dawson, B.S.

Annual Fund

Executive Director, Annual Fund, Lucille M. Tarin, B.S.
Senior Assistant Director, Annual Fund Programs, Ronald A. Marquette, B.S.
Senior Assistant Director, Regional Development, Abbey Scheckter, B.A.
Senior Assistant Director, Outreach & Analysis, Natasha Williams, B.A.
Annual Giving Officer, Kelly Anzulavich, M.F.A.
Annual Giving Officer, Donna Padilla, B.A.
Manager, Annual Fund Programs, Amanda Craig, B.A.
Manager, Annual Fund Programs, Mary L. Marshall
​Manager, Athletics Development, A. David Marble, B.A.
Manager, Athletics Development, Kylie Martin, M.Ed.

Career Services

Executive Director, Career Services, Pamela Grow Keiser, M.S.
Senior Associate Director, Counseling, Sarah Elizabeth Bell, M.S.
Associate Director, Alumni Career Services, Julee Bertsch, Ed.D.
Associate Director, Program Director Internships, Alison Ordonez, B.S.
Senior Assistant Director, Finance Specialist, Kathleen Kennedy, M.Ed.
Senior Assistant Director, Program Director BPIP, Marilyn Shull, M.S.
Senior Assistant Director, Marketing & Social Media, Megan Wolleben, M.A.
Assistant Director, Externships, Emily Dietrich, B.A.
Assistant Director, Alumni Career Services, Rachel M. Redmond, M.S
Program Director, Recruiting, Megan Adams, B.A.
Program Specialist, Field Trips/Student Industry Networks, Carole Bourgeacq-Hardt, B.A.
Pre-Health Professions Advisor, Alison Patterson, Ph.D.
Pre-Law Professions Advisor, Dianne McDonald, J.D.

Gift Planning

Director, Gift Planning, Melissa M. Diehl, B.S., C.F.P.
Associate Director, Daniel F. Clark, J.D.
Assistant Director, Karen Flanagan
Gift Planning Officer, Lisa Marquette

Leadership Gifts

Executive Director, Leadership Gifts & Constituent Fundraising, Mark T. Sharer, B.S.
Associate Director, Mary Ann Stanton, B.A.
Senior Regional Director, Elizabeth Swank Richer, M.S.
Senior Regional Director, Barbara McGuire Hart Sturges, B.A.
Senior Regional Director, Amy Wilson, M.A.
Regional Director, Angela Brouse, B.A.
Regional Director, Barbara G. Martin, J.D.
Campaign Volunteer Manager, Kimberly B. Allen, A.S.B.
Leadership Gifts Officer, Athletics Development, Thomas E. Harvey, M.S.

Parents Fund & Family Programs

Director, Parents Fund & Family Programs, Ann L. DiStefano
Development Officer, Parents Fund, Syreeta Combs-Cannaday, B.A.
Program Director, Communications, Amy H. Baker
Program Director, Outreach Events, Aleece J. Butler, B.A.

Prospect Research and Management

Director, Prospect Research & Management, Cynthia Janesch, B.S.
Associate Director, Ann Benvenuto, M.A., M.F.A.
Associate Director, Prospect Research & Analytics, Sarah Kline, M.S.
Assistant Director, Bryan Campbell, M.L.I.S.
Assistant Director, Michelle Imm, M.S.
Assistant Director, Data Acquisition, Joseph Dzwonchyk, B.A.